Vast quantities of phones, appliances and other electronic waste (e-waste) end up in landfill every day, even though most of it can be recycled.
The improper handling of e-wastes affects human health, environment, economy and many other aspects in life. This shed the light on the importance of e-waste recycling that covers vast array of benefits in which we will highlight the main benefits here:

  1. It protects the environment
    • Keeps all the hazardous material away which will save the landfills.
    • Preserves the use of natural resources where many materials used in the electronics can be used again and this will reduce the energy, pollution, gas emissions and save natural resources by extracting fewer raw materials.
    • Save Landfill Space
  2. It supports economic growth
    • Creates new job opportunities
    • Reduces business costs through using recycled devices
    • Lessens the cost of raw material used in manufacturing
  3. It supports data security
    • Removes confidential data from devices appropriately

E waste recycling is not optional anymore, it is vital now if you want to have a clean and healthy environment, growing economy

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